Silly picture EasterThis week we used a student’s Easter card for some fun carryover as my student is working on overall precision, “moving his mouth” as well as slowing down his rate. Kids love finding what’s silly in a picture (and I do too) so he would point to something and then have to describe what is silly, “Ice cream cones for flowers in the flower box,” a whistle for a doorknob” or “balloon for the car wheel.” 

Often I pick up good ideas for therapy activities from workbooks or toys at a child’s home. It keeps me fresh as to what is entertaining for a certain age. This is the same house where the little boy asked me if we could do “Hidden Pictures” and we spent the whole hour finding and coloring in hidden objects as reinforcements for correct productions.

Here are some free  “What’s Wrong?” activities from Highlights where kids have to follow the clues and find as many odd, weird, or wacky things as you can. Since I work with so many 5-7 year-old boys this is right up their alley.