IMG_1279Okay, now that I have your attention–ha! The funny thing is that last week I had the hardest session with this little 3 year-old girl. When I arrived at her house, she had a grumpy face and was saying, “No” to everything her nanny said. I knew it was going to be a long hour. The next week thankfully her mother had talked to her about cooperating and the consequences of her obeying. I had my usual bag packed with lots of different activities–a craft, a puzzle, PlayDoh, and figures. At the last minute I threw in a Frozen magic coloring book that I picked up in the grocery store checkout line.

Wouldn’t you know that she loved it but asked me to color all the pages which was rather therapeutic for me. Such a simple activity but she just kept repeating my articulation models as I colored for the whole hour! After we finished a page, I labeled all the final consonant words that we were working on so Mom could follow up with some practice. I always try to provide some practice activity because when parents follow up, it makes a big difference in progress. Never mind that one of her dogs really did eat our project from last week. Hopefully he won’t like Frozen cartoons.

If only therapy was always this easy.