Anomia Kids by Anomia Press

Older kids and adults enjoyed Anomia and now kids ages 5 and up can join in the word retrieval fun! Players go around the circle and draw a card to place on top of their Play Pile. Each card has a colored symbol in the middle and a black and white image (unicorn, spoon, apple etc.) on it. When a player draws a card whose colored symbol matches another player’s card they have a Face-off, trying to be the first to blurt out a word that starts with the same sound as the picture on their opponent’s card to win the card. My card had a dolphin so my opponent yelled out, “doodle.” Often kids continue on to give out answers which is fun, “Darn, dangle, dish.” We played with kids 7-11 and were laughing out loud as we started forming words and revised our answers. Our strawberry card elicited “stroganoff” which brought a proud giggle and unicorn brought out “unicycle.” Kids are practicing their literacy skills as they retrieve words that begin with a certain sound, not letter. Language learning was great fun with Anomia Kids, with giggles all around the table.

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