“Finger Peeps” Puppets Can Build Language in Speech Therapy

Wooky Ent Finger PeepsI have shared several “Artzooka” make-and-play kits by Wooky Entertainment. They are colorful, fun, creative and fairly simple to assemble for pretend play and language learning. Last week I brought their newest kit to a therapy session and my little friend loved constructing his 6 puppets with the punch-out  bodies, arms, heads  and a selection of 60 accessories. The double-sided bodies were a yummy assortment–pictures of jelly beans, watermelon, leaf, and pasta–with two holes to push little fingers through for the legs. The possible characters included a lion, boy, girl, parrot, crocodile, or monster which took on personality according to the accessories a child chose. Add a guitar, skateboard, microphone, cotton candy or flute and your character takes on a theme for the story. We worked on third person singular “He wants_____” or “the lion sings.” But these puppets can be used to further a variety of articulation and language goals. Here is my full review.

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