“Big Bubbles Friend Cow” by Little Kids

Kids and bubbles have always connected, so to speak. Summer fun includes chasing after the undulating spheres before they pop. Want a break from blowing and entertaining? Hand over this “Big Bubbles Friend Cow,” teach your child to tip his head back and watch the fun begin. As a long Moooo sounds off, a procession of giant bubbles comes streaming out of his mouth, changing direction with the wind. Kids are mesmerized with it.

Parents declared this the best toy at a family gathering since toddlers entertained themselves independently for twenty minutes. Fascinated each time by a changing stream of bubbles, kids keep tipping the cow’s head back to control the action. Recommended for ages 3 and up, this toy can certainly keep a toddler busy too.

Recommended age; 3 years and up

The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author. “Big Bubbles Friend Cow” was provided for review by “Little Kids.”

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  1. Kelly says:

    My daughter really loved this toy. It is different from other bubble machines in that the child has control of when the bubbles come and go (by tipping the head back or down) rather than just having a constant stream of bubbles. She liked being able to turn the bubbles on when she wnated and then snap the mouth shut when the stream had stopped.

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