Ravensburger’s Gravitrax Junior takes the thrill and excitement of the original Gravitrax marble run and tailors it perfectly for the younger audience. It offers a stimulating blend of education and creativity. This dynamic construction introduces children to physics and engineering while enriching their imaginative play experience.

Gravitrax Junior is a hands-on physics lesson disguised as play. Children practice the fundamentals of gravity, momentum, and kinetics as they design and build their tracks. Experimentation becomes second nature as they explore cause and effect and exercise problem-solving skills.

By introducing fundamental concepts in a simplified manner, Gravitrax Junior acts as a bridge, preparing children for the challenges of the original Gravitrax as they grow older. This continuity in learning makes for a seamless transition, allowing them to explore advanced physics concepts when they’re ready.

Gravitrax Junior doesn’t stop at STEM learning. It opens the door to a world of imaginative play. With different props and decorations, children add flair to their tracks creating a whole setting for a new story. Trees, lilies, footprints, animals, insects and more! Children carefully decided where each piece should be so that it fit the story. “The cheetah is leaping over the track and meets the marble on the other side.” The vibrant, versatile set becomes a stage where stories unfold. This imaginative dimension enhances narrative skills, encouraging children to create stories, scenarios, and characters, enriching their language and storytelling abilities.

Ravensburger hits the mark with Gravitrax Junior. It fosters multiple play patterns that build skills like language, problem-solving, perseverance, and adaptation. It becomes a catalyst for learning, creativity, and eco-conscious play as 98% is made from biosource materials. For parents and educators seeking a toy that nurtures both cognition and imagination, Gravitrax Junior is a great choice.

Available at Ravensburger and specialty retailers