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preschool speech therapy book, I Can Do ThatAs speech therapists we are always looking for new materials to throw in our bag of fun to keep little ones engaged and entertained. I use toys as well as books to change up the action. I wanted to share 2 books that were authored and illustrated by speech-language pathologists for use with children with special needs as well as the general population.

I Can Say That and I Can Do That by Dr. Suzy Lederer, a professor in speech-language pathology with 25 years experience, are wonderful therapy tools for children learning beginning signs, gestures, nouns, verbs, sounds and single and two-word combinations. Each book has 2 stories each as well as an interactive CD ROM for your computer. The simple stories are aimed at beginning talkers with target vocabulary of common nouns and verbs, repeated in short rhyming lines to invite the child to chime in. 

See my full review of these effective tools for preschool speech therapy.

Let me know what you find helpful when working with preschoolers. Leave a comment and share.

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  1. Jerry Leach says:

    We are just about to launch a self publishing service and have already had many enquiries from people who have written childrens books and want to get them in print. I would love to hear from any of your readers who have written books to help children and want to get them published.

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