The 8 in 1 Activity Cube by Viga Toys is a stunning toy that ingeniously blends beauty and  entertainment with learning. This versatile cube opens up a world of possibilities for young minds, promoting cognitive development, language skills, and fostering meaningful interactions between children and caregivers.

This activity cube includes a variety of activities that cater to different aspects of a child’s development and enrich learning. From shape sorting to wire maze challenges, each activity is designed to engage children’s curiosity and stimulate their problem-solving skills. Our 2 year old toy tester immediately reached inside the cube to find the 5 included block shapes. She stacked them on top of the cube until realizing it was a shape sorter! Exploring and experimenting with different activities empower children to develop a love of learning through play.

Each side of the Activity Cube provides opportunities for language enrichment and cognitive growth. Lifting flaps of food with different animals underneath prompted rich conversations and vocabulary development with a caregiver. For instance “Who eats fish? Let’s open and find out… the polar bear eats fish!” The shape sorter side and wire maze on top, allowed for practice with hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and problem solving. The xylophone was musical treat and reinforced cause and effect concepts.

The best part about the 8 in 1 Activity Cube? The interactive elements that allowed for rich side by side play with a caregiver. The play activities fostered discussions between children and parents, expanding vocabulary, and enhancing communication skills. It became a bridge for meaningful interactions as parents shared experiences and narrated through play. This allowed for introductions of new words, concepts, and encouraged perseverance and critical thinking.

Viga Toys’ 8 in 1 Activity Cube is a testament to the incredible potential of educational play. It fosters language and cognitive development, fine motor and hand-eye coordination practice, and encourages interaction between adults and children. As children manipulate shapes, solve puzzles, and engage with caregivers, they are learning through explorative play.

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