Kids love Alex’s bathtub toys, and moms do too! Their newest map of the world is designed for 3 years and up with 30 pieces to fit together by continents, oceans or jigsaw shape. Kids can select pieces floating in the water to adhere to the bathtub wall, or it also makes a fun puzzle on dry land. Wet pieces can be gathered into the mesh bag that adheres to the tub with suction cups. I’ve used their United States puzzle for speech therapy for years and kids loved  putting it together and talking about where they’ve visited and identifying the animals associated with the state. On the world map a koala and kangaroo reside in Australia, and elephant, tiger and peacock are in Asia, while zebra, giraffe, and camel are in Africa. Kids learn vocabulary for animals and famous landmarks associated with the continents –Sydney Opera House, Great Wall of China or the Pyramids–to spark discussion about these famous places. Separate helicopter, plane, clouds and sunshine pieces encourage some pretend play with travel to different countries and across oceans, building language skills while learning and pretending!

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