Kids are  delightfully intrigued by this twistable tube of rings, searching to match up pictures that begin with the same letter. The tube holds six rings—the first rotates to select a letter, while the remaining five rings display six pictures each to match to their beginning letter. Start with “K” and spin the rings to find the picture of a kiwi, kangaroo, key, kettle and kite. When you master matching the six letters on the tube with their corresponding pictures, you simply unscrew the end and slide one of the three additional color-coded sets to start the game over again. My testers kept “trying out” their letter sound, repeating it verbally, as they searched for the corresponding picture. This added practice linked the sound with the picture too.  Twisterz’ suggestions for creative language learning variations are most helpful. Mix the rings from different sets and line up pictures by new categories like animals, shapes or food or use your tube of pictures as a story starter. All that fun and learning without batteries—just your brain to keep it going.