animal_soup_850Just setting up this game got lots of giggles going as kids looked at the pictured math showing the sum of a tiger plus a rhinoceros equals, of course, a “tigeroceros!”  Preschoolers requested I read through each zany combination of animals before starting the game. Players make their way around the forest game board, which cleverly uses the box, as they land on different animals, collecting the corresponding picture card. Kids  continually check the large reference chart of combined animals to see what they need to complete their “croctopus,” “birdle” or “squale”–(crocodile+octopus, bird+turtle, or squirrel+whale). Thankfully they have a “trade” option to land on so they can negotiate with a peer for the animal to complete their creature. Flip the two matching cards over, and you are rewarded with a hilarious animal soup combination. Two completed mixed-up animals wins the game.  Kids love to practice saying the goofy names of their new animals, use language to negotiate a trade, and talk about where their needed cards are coming on the board. One little friend laughed, “It’s super silly,” as he asked to play again!

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