03203_product1-hresPuppets are a terrific venue for pretend play and language learning as kids take on a role, converse, and build their story. Wooky Entertainment’s Artzooka! series brings us wonderful make-and-play activities so why not create our own puppets, propelled by little fingers? “Finger Peeps” provides the makings for 6 characters from a boy and girl to a crocodile, parrot or lion. Mix and match double-sided bodies, and choose from 60 accessories to jazz up your puppet. The jelly bean and watermelon bodies were popular while our lion played the guitar and the parrot carried his cotton candy. “Don’t forget the jiggle eyes,” livened up our characters for a little fun. Soon my little friends were trying to put two puppets on each hand and the parrot was off to fly. Part the curtain and start the show, our puppets are ready for a chat with the audience!

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