Fasten your seat belts–oh, yes, your baby is already belted in–for a first drive. This clever dashboard attaches to strollers and provides lots of entertainment as kids turn the key, shift gears, steer and honk the horn, or play the music. It took no time for our little tester to figure out how to push the button for the horn to get the sound effects going. The steering wheel is on top of a removable car that your crawler can push along the floor with its easy to grip wheel. A 9 month-old found the car to be fascinating as well as a perfect teether as he gnawed on the wheel and was able to easily grab and manipulate it. Always a great feature, an on and off switch, is on the front bumper so parents can get a break from the sounds and kids can provide their own sound effects. Kids learn cause-effect, listen to and imitate sounds, and play some pretend as they run their car across the floor.