Best Dressed Banana is a cooperative magnetic dress up game that combines language and categorical knowledge of words with creativity and encouragement. Players take turns rolling a die to determine which feature they’ll place on their banana. By using spatial awareness and a little inspiration, everyone gets an opportunity to deck out their banana.

The game encouraged knowledge of categories during set up and clean up especially! Different features included shoes, eyes, mouths, hats, and accessories. Players enjoyed placing items (it’s all magnetic!) on their specific board. This categorical knowledge allows children to better understand similarities and differences, allows them to retrieve vocabulary words efficiently in conversations, and makes new word learning easier.

As the game ends, players then decide together on certificate awards for each banana. Which is the silliest? Most colorful? The most likely to be a scientist? The most likely to visit outer space? This engaged our group in critical thinking and reasoning as they voiced their opinions on why each fruity friend deserved a specific award.

Best Dressed Banana is a magnetic dress-up game that that encourages creativity as children mix and match different clothing items to create unique outfits for their banana character. Kids may literally go bananas over fun conversations, award acceptance speeches and silly fruit friends.

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