It took no time for Betty Button to be an interactive story telling tool, as little girls changed up her hair, outfits, accessories and shoes to match her activity. Just button on one of the 15 doubled-sided pieces to alter the story as Betty weathers the rain with her  boots, umbrella and raincoat or heads to the beach with her sundress, sandals, sunglasses and pocketbook. “Let’s go to the beach,” one little girl declared as she quickly transformed Betty to look like a savvy sun goddess who could even get there on her roller skates playing her guitar. A three-year-old boy declared Betty Superman when he saw the sunglasses! One of the best features of this  changeable doll is the 5 face options that represent different emotions–happy, sad or scared, silly, sleepy or content. Kids have to acknowledge the feelings that go along with the props–sad or excited that it is raining, sleepy after a play date or silly with a  friend. Betty Button is an obvious toy to build fine motor skills, but don’t overlook her for the innate language learning capacity.

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