I opened the package, tossed the ball in the air and heard,  “1-2-3 here we go!” and indeed the fun had begun. A great baby/toddler gift, this happy soccer ball will entertain older siblings too with it’s encouraging phrases, songs and directions activated by motion. We kicked, passed and tossed the ball to hear all the fun responses, “Nice shot, (Giggle) Hooray!” ” Yay, well done.” and cute sound effects, simple melodies and songs. Babies love faces and talk more to faces so this soccer ball can get the talking going. Press the light-up happy face for some learning–colors, opposites, directions (“Can you roll me fast?”), or 1-10 counting in a cheer-on -your friends song. The soft, colorful, light-up ball is squishy enough for little hands to hold on and throw or kick safely and successfully which might just start up a chorus of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!” Kids can advance their language skills by learning rhymes, vocabulary, concepts and opposites as well as engage in social language as other family members enjoy a pick-up game of toddler soccer.

Available at VTech. Click here