Brio’s Builder Activity Set has it all, 211 pieces, including screws, nails, wheels, nuts, bolts, blocks, a screwdriver, hammer, wrench and pliers. Our 3 year-old friend quickly collected all the tools and took off trying them out. Dad was fascinated with all the different pieces and started building. Soon his son pulled up a stool and was right in it with him! He loved turning the screw driver and helping to make a robot. At 3 years of age this is a wonderful introduction to building and a good parent-child activity. Learning to use each tool appropriately and make simple designs is fun. This set will grow with your child as they can design and build more complicated items (directions are given for a truck, bug, robot, plane and pulley system.) This Dad loved to engage with his son in making and creating as well as explaining how things work so he could be independent and engineer his own designs in the future. These STEM projects come to life as the plane flies around the room and the robot was animated with talk and play to build language skills and stretch the imagination.

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