33790_CountrysideHorseSetMy little friends were so excited with each accessory that came out of the box to the Brio Countryside Horse Set. As you can imagine, “Sky” the horse was the most popular piece that generated many opportunities to learn to share. The accessories–girl rider, Sky’s blanket, track pieces with grass and gated road crossing, fencing mountains, and trees all set up a wonderful venue for pretend play and dialogue but the horse shed with shower nozzle and barn stall covered in hay provided many opportunities for story themes. After her shower I heard, “We have to put Sky to sleep. We need her blankie on.” “She’s lying down to sleep (in the barn)”. When they discovered that the battery operated engine pulled the transport car that fit Sky perfectly, they sent her many rounds up ramps and down to stop back at the horse shed in the country. Kids opened the door to bring down the ramp so Sky could nibble on the trees, “She’s gonna eat the tree offs!” before her much needed nap. The horse theme is a hot toy trend right now and kids proved it as they happily launched their continuously changing story with Brio’s flexible set. Practicing storytelling from 3 and up builds literacy skills for later reading and writing, when kids are called upon to generate stories and recognize the essential parts for good written language skills.

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