Order up! LeapFrog’s Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart is a delightfully delicious playset that fosters preschool skills and encourages cognitive growth through pretend play and language development. With over 30 pieces and a rolling cart, the pizza possibilities are endless.

Kids just love to help in the kitchen. The pizza cart encourages little chefs to use sequences in play, which helps foster narrative development. First ring the bell to hear a pizza order or order off the menu. Next follow the directions to build a perfect pizza. Then, pop it into the oven, serve it on a plate or deliver in a box. Collect the cash and smile at your happy customer.

As children build their pizzas, they’re following directions, learning color and shape concepts and singing along to to learning songs and melodies. This helps practice auditory comprehension and following multi-step directions. There’s even a sprinkle of Italian vocabulary throughout. This hands-on learning experience helps develop their numeracy and shape discrimination skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Pretend play is an essential part of child development. As children use their imaginations, role play, and use dialogue during thematic play, they’re fostering other skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and social-emotional development.

As children assemble and disassemble pizza slices and toppings, they explore spatial relationships and practice fine motor skills. The ability to combine toys in play is a fantastic cognitive exercise that enhances flexibility and adaptability, while engaging in problem-solving discussions. They learn to express their thoughts, ask for help, and negotiate solutions—a vital aspect of cognitive and social development.

LeapFrog’s Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart is great for building language and cognitive development through pretend play. With additional opportunities for learning concepts like counting, shapes, colors, and following directions, this rolling cart is a slice of learning topped with fun.

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