Pick up this colorful, plush caterpillar turned butterfly and let the learning begin! First we pushed the music button and were treated to a beautiful classical piano concerto. My little one pushed one of the four mode buttons to listen and learn Music, Numbers, Colors and Lullabies and then pushed a plush number 1-5 for songs within each category. Children learn cause-effect and numbers as they experiment with pressing different numbers to hear sing-along songs with smart vocabulary, “One! One little ladybug fluttering by. Two! Two silly bumble bees flying high.” Touch the colors on the butterfly’s body and hear Blue, Purple, or Green songs that match the color lit up on her rainbow wing. LeapFrog knows how to present just enough learning and short sentences that match a child’s ability to listen and repeat at an early age. This butterfly is so flexible she can be carried from room to room or be tied to an infant carrier or stroller. With lots to explore and talk about, parent and baby can learn about textures, sounds and sensory experiences with the dangling insects, bird and flower hanging from butterfly’s body. As baby explores and touches, parents can describe what he is looking at, using descriptive vocabulary–bumpy ladybug, round  ring, crinkly leaf, happy caterpillars–to enrich their child’s receptive language. What a fun toy for baby and parents!

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