8131887c97d45193a58fdd299cb0c652_f854-1Calafant’s large construction sets encourage creativity from the moment kids pick up their markers, paint or crayons to start customizing their Pony Farm (over 2 feet wide!), Palace or Fortress. With 3 levels of learning–construction, coloring and pretend play, these sets provide lots of smart play. Kids love DIY projects so they can customize their fences, horse stalls, roofs, turrets, draw bridge, and battlements for protection with your art supplies of choice. Now assemble the structure from the sturdy cardboard pieces that interlock according to easy photographed directions. The final step is imaginative play directed by your child as she brings her own princes, kings, horses, dragons and knights to the table. Pretend play encourages so many skills–storytelling, problem-solving, social skills, and language expression . In addition, these sets get kids using fine motor skills so necessary for handwriting. What a lot of fun learning packed into one box! Just watch minds move as kids run to get props for the next part of their story, building essential language skills for reading and writing.

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