43d7ae1850d53528f1fb303177e08888_f868Calafant combines what’s terrifically fun for kids while inspiring pretend play. With their make-and-play medium sized cardboard building sets, they encourage kids to customize a Princess Castle, King’s Castle, Three Little Pigs or Pirate’s Treasure with 12 high quality markers. Get out the craft box for more adornment if you like with glitter or stickers too. Our little friend quickly colored his pirate and named him “Ho Ho” while his older sisters meticulously colored the ship, sails, coconut tree and treasure chest for some pretend play. The mast was in use immediately, even before the pirate came on board. With 8-15 interlocking pieces in each medium set, kids have fun constructing their props for pretend play. The Princess Castle and King’s Castle has moving doors, turrets to stand in and a drawbridge. The 3 Little Pigs offers kids a chance to make and color the three houses and characters and re-enact a favorite children’s fable. The cartoon illustrations are so lively that you almost feel the wolf’s huff and puff! These sets are scaled to the size of many toys to add to the play. Pretend play encourages so many skills–storytelling, problem-solving, social skills, language expression and so on. In addition, these sets get kids using fine motor skills so necessary for handwriting. What a lot of fun learning packed into one box!

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