imgres-6Were our focus not on recognizing great toys that generate a lot of speech, I’d say I was speechless. Playmobil’s 2014 Summer Fun Camp Site has a level of uber-accesorizing that would make the most avid camper feel home-on-the-range. First of all, I have to acknowledge it’s all done with the microworld-maker’s reknown attention to detail. Not just doors on the public restrooms, but doors with frames. Not just a cooler chest to keep items fresh, but a cooler liner. Not just flowering trees, but attachments for the squirrels that will be waking you up in the morning (if dogs going through the large wheeled garbage container don’t stir you first.) Arrive at your vacation destination and check in at the full service “Reception” building. Louvered doors and windows, vibrant hanging plants, postcards, magazines, maps, cash register (with Euros), soft drinks and your favorite frozen ice cream treat (with labels) help you ease in to your home-away-from-home. In case you failed to bring all your plates, cups, toothpaste, brush, suntan lotion and bug spray – don’t sweat it, you can pick them up at the Quik-Mart, along with canned goods, milk and OJ – all with decals reinforcing the reality. A toy’s language advancement power is a function of possible play scenarios, number of play figures, accessories included and kids playing together. There’s a College Dictionary worth of words in this play. Did I tell you there are also a couple heads of lettuce, watermelon and fish bones? Sorry, just too hard to keep up with all there is to do, play…and say!

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