A dinosaur that walks, talks, and eats! Chompers the Number Dino by VTech is a friendly friend that is packed with features that engage children in learning. Toddlers will enjoy feeding, dancing, and pulling Chompers along to take him for a walk.

Chompers the Number Dino features 3 different play modes: Music, Learning, and Quiz Mode. Children explored different feelings, games, and answered questions. This provided a fun opportunity as a caregiver to add language during play. When Chompers said “I’m so hungry,” it launched a new interaction between child and caregiver to decide what they could feed Chompers. A great way to practice auditory comprehension and build vocabulary.

Pretend play begins to emerge at age 2. Our toddler toy tester was just at that stage to truly enjoy that repetitive action of feeding Chompers various fruit and vegetable tokens. We scattered the tokens all over the room, using prepositions to find them. “The blueberries are under the couch!” “The potatoes are on the chair.” Feeding Chompers was very satisfying! Pretend play is a powerful tool for language development, and Chompers encourages it in a fun and exciting way.

Chompers the Number Dino is designed with little hands in mind. Children practiced fine motor skills as they fed him tokens and gross motor skills as they took him for a walk. These activities require precision and coordination, helping children develop the dexterity needed for tasks such as writing and buttoning.

VTech’s newest dino friend was a roaring good time. Chompers was certainly hungry, but our toddler toy testers were happy help in that area. Practicing pretend play, fine motor, and learning new words became part of the play experience. Alongside play with a caregiver, children learned new vocabulary related to fruits and vegetables, fun action words (feed, eat, push, pull, spin), prepositions, and colors and numbers. Chompers provided excellent entertainment while fostering essential speech and language skills.

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