BubbleScience600Thanks to The Young Scientists Club and teacher, Clifford The Big Red Dog, kids 3 and up can start experimenting with science. One of the three new kits, “Bubble Science” offers 14 little experiments where kids make bubble sculptures, trains, funnel bubbles, blow art, carbon dioxide bubbles and watch bubble technology make pepper jump and glide a boat! My little friend especially liked making pepper jump, expanding her bubbles until they popped, and blowing funnel bubbles. Clear explanations are offered at the bottom of the page of each experiment reviewing the science behind the experiment including soap’s effect on oil and water, changes to the surface tension of water, or why bubbles are round. There is so much language learning as kids follow directions, observe and discuss, and learn the reason behind their results. Some of the concepts and vocabulary may be a challenge for a 3 year-old but as a language expert I am excited that founder and Harvard trained biologist, Esther Novis is challenging kids with rich vocabulary and learning. Parents can easily simplify some of the explanations, gearing it to their child’s age. The other 2 kits in the series are “Rainbow Science” and “Kitchen Science” offering kids the opportunity to catch a rainbow or make an exploding volcano.

Available at: The Young Scientists Club