I opened my new Colorgami Craft and Activity Kit, “Space Adventure,” with my 7 year old tester to find three figures to color, pop out, fold and assemble for play. He chose the robot and alien to make first as he colored with the markers provided, including a silver one “with pieces of sparkle.” Next, he easily popped out the flat drawing, followed the directions to fold and punch out slots and began to connect tabs and assemble his figure. He added the robot’s battery pack and optional antennae, while the alien had extremely long crinkled arms and a separate tongue piece to hang out, delighting kids. We put the finishing touches on the astronaut and now were ready for the background for the 3-D display. We colored the lunar module and attached the ladder for easy access while folding up land craters to give a little life to the scene. It was fascinating to watch my little friend take off with the characters and launch into a story, interchanging arms and antennas. Finally he looked up at me as I was taking a few pictures and said, “Let’s do a video!” So we filmed his story.

The other 2 kits in the series are “Red Carpet Fashion Series” which includes models, photographers and accessories with a gold metallic marker to add some dazzle and “Alphabet Pop-Ups” which includes a make-it display of the alphabet and associated objects.

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