d_5234Talk about a multi-use toy that fosters creativity in two different directions–these connector pens go far beyond a writing and drawing implement. I was first introduced to them at the Toy Fair where their inventor had a display of an impressive dinosaur he had build from the pens. Each pen top has a “connector safety cap” that allows kids to lock them together or use the smaller “connector clips” that swivel for a helicopter’s propeller or a moving wing or leg. Kids loved the open ended play provided with this bin of pens. My little friend said, “Let’s make a dinosaur,” and went on to make his teeth, and fin to declare him a Megaladon. And that’s before we used the markers to write a story about him. The water-based markers have strong tips so are easy to use for drawing or writing. Which ever direction you take, construction or creative writing or art, there is plenty of language learning encouraged as kids tell a story or play imaginatively with their props.

Available at Faber-Castell: Click here