Lego is modeling creativity in the package design of their newest “Creative Sorter” bucket of 23 color-coded blocks for sorting, designing, and building animals. A blue, yellow and red template to build the elephant, giraffe and toucan double as a shape-sorter lid to the bucket. Kids loved to follow the visual on each lid, helping them build their animal, using the blocks they had fit into the template. Enough blocks are left to build a tree for a little munch from the giraffe or a rest for the bird. Visual, motor and language skills are tapped as kids have to match the blocks to fit into the template before building the animal. It wasn’t easy at first for a 3 year-old to learn to take a 3 dimensional block and fit it into the puzzle-like template in 2 dimensions. He had to learn to put the block on its side first. Lots of learning abounds in this bucket!

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