day_at_beach_web_large1-540x540Kids quickly snapped together the magnetic panels to create all you would need for a day at the beach–a surf shop, cafe, room to change into your wet suit and plenty of surf and sand! What fun to watch their hands and minds move simultaneously as they construct  their story and physical props to support it. A favorite feature in this set is the drop-down window for ordering an ice cream cone or a sandwich. “You’re my last customer, because we’re closing. You’re just in time,” said my 5  year-old friend as she moved her doll up to the window. As she was placing her order, she looked at me and said, “Where’s the money?” We quickly snapped it out of the magnetic accessory page in time to pay for our food. Meanwhile the lifeguard passed by and said, “I have to go on duty!” On the flip side of each panel there is an “inside” scene with lots of detail to talk about. The cafe has a grill, orders pinned up, and soft serve ice cream station with several toppings to choose from. Use the spatula accessory to flip the burgers or condiments to customize a sandwich. Kids can play in or out and weave their story, prompted by accessories to possibly use.  The Build and Imagine family also includes the sets, “Malia’s Beach House” and “Marine Rescue Center” which all  snap together for an even bigger story. A great toy to stretch language skills is flexible and designed for constant revision as creativity rules. Build and Imagine sets do just that!

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