Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Crane is an imaginative playset where kids are the actual builders and creators of the story. They used both simple and complex sequences in play and enjoyed storytelling through pretend play with their crane, construction workers and construction site.

Kids loved being the builders first, as they assembled their crane, attaching wheels with the drill. This allowed for hand-eye coordination and fine motor development to accurately line up their pieces and fire up the drill. Once the crane was assembled, the construction workers jumped in to get to the worksite and creativity was unleashed.

The box is reversible and becomes part of the play with high scaffolding and fellow cranes nearby. The Bolt Buddies Crane encouraged pretend play and sequences during play as workers drove the truck all around to build skyscrapers. These short (and sometimes more complex!) play schemas engage a child in sequential thinking and problem-solving. This process helps children develop organizational skills and lays the groundwork for understanding more complex sequences in the future.

Pretend play and storytelling are essential for enhancing creativity and expressive language skills. Children crafted narratives involving the crane, the workers, the cat (obviously!), and the materials they transported. They used their imaginations, expressed themselves verbally, and fostered the development of narrative language and storytelling abilities.

The Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Crane by Educational Insights has incredible repeat play value. Whether children are constructing (or deconstructing!) the crane or engaging in pretend play scenarios, they are continuously learning through hands-on exploration and problem-solving. It equips young builders with valuable cognitive and language skills that foster conversation and also academic skills.

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