Science kits are the rage now with STEM/STEAM being a strong toy trend but many kits lack the depth that Mindware’s kit has with 12 solid projects for discovery, learning and doing. Kids 8 and up become mini paleontologists, as they create and excavate a site, uncovering bones, and building glow-in-0the dark skeletons of a Triceratops and T-Rex.  Next, learn about and make trace fossils using bones to make impressions in clay for imprints in plaster. Kids use facts about the 2 dinosaurs to create their own evidence of a prehistoric battle scene with clay and plaster, then tell their story based on the evidence. I learned about amber casting and tree resin drip which both give paleontologists information about extinct insects that were preserved. Our little scientists can create their own prehistoric insect evidence using clear soap, coloring and insects to embed. We learn the past from following dinosaur tracks too so kids tell a story with their hand made tracks.  This kit uses information and hands-on projects to show how we have discovered what we know about dinosaurs. Little scientists are encouraged to re-create the environment for learning and tell their own story of what they learned from the evidence, building language skills as they describe, explain, draw conclusions and tell a story from the evidence.

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