disney-eye-found-it-lifestyleKids raced to open the box of the Disney Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game. As they unfolded the six foot game board one friend couldn’t contain himself,  “I love it! Is it all the games together in one? The whole world?” Yes, much of the whole Disney “world” is pictured in intricate and inspiring detail from 12 favorite stories including Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Pixar Cars, Phineas and Ferb, Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast. Our friends were full of conversation as they examined the scenes on the game board, identifying “That’s the skull where the bad buy, Captain Hook, took Tiger Lily” and pointing to Alice in Wonderland, “She is huger than all the rest!” Take turns but you’re working together to arrive at Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight. Everyone can win in this collaborative game where the fun is in the journey. Spin a number to advance, a clock to tick the hand ahead or Mickey Mouse ears to “search” for a category of objects pictured. Search is everyone’s favorite outcome. Our Eye Found It! team examined the board for fire hydrants (look along the roads), stairs (look for entrances to buildings), tables (is anyone eating?) and balloons (Where are they having a party?). When a category card was drawn, the kids started to chatter about what scene might contain the objects. Kids used their language association skills to search for the objects, reasoning that Ariel was mostly underwater so let’s not look for balloons there. Add up all the objects found and every player advances that many spaces. Kids are so engrossed in the game, they don’t realize they are exercising their language association skills, visual scanning and discrimination, and working together to attain their goal. Sounds like they are preparing for the real world!

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