This Dog is ideal for stage and puppet theatre but “all the world’s a stage” to a child with this puppy on his hand! Kids often don’t wait for the stage but slip on Folkmanis puppets and start the chat with the puppet facing them wherever they are. Our friends got the conversation going so fast with Dog Stage Puppet, moving his mouth, paws and once they realized the tongue moved, they were making silly noises and and showing off! Special directions show how to pinch and curl the tongue so he looks like a panting dog. Folkmanis puppets are well known for the little tag on each puppet that includes, fables, starter dialogue, or fun facts about the animal puppet. In this case, a cute conversation between a rabbit and dog, digging for his bone is included with some practice puppet show dialogue to spark little puppeteers’ imaginations to get their story started. Puppets are a wonderful vehicle for pretend play, as children take on a role, give their animal a voice and create a story, reinforcing skills for reading and writing.

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