Many of us have precious memories of playing with a favorite dollhouse and have enjoyed watching next generations finding that same joy! Hape’s new addition to their family of dollhouses is packed with creative play potential with 7 rooms of fun, 2 patios, a retractable garden with a pool and a garage with a moving door. My little friends ages 7-9 years of age, dove right in and set up the 28 accessories, placing them for their first story telling. The awning became a star gazing spot with the bed while the kids took a dip in the pool. Kids immediately chose one of the 4 family dolls and started role playing, telling me, “Do you want to be the Dad, because that’s all we have left!” They grilled kabobs, explored the house, tried out the potty, and invited the family for dinner. With so many accessories that match the themed rooms and outdoor spaces, story telling can take many directions and creative minds develop new plots, building language skills. “Hey they have lego hands. They can hold the kabobs!” one little girl told me as she started to serve the family. This mansion holds tons of play potential and is roomy enough for several kids to play together, collaborating on stories which also exercises problem solving and negotiation. How can play be so enriching and fun at the same time?

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