Graham was happily embraced by my 2 year-old tester who had just become a big brother. Mom was so glad to see a boy doll since her son had been carrying around dolls since his baby brother had been born. He loved undressing and dressing Graham, identifying his clothing and bringing him along for play. This smartly dressed guy is part of HABA’s mini-me world of down-sized objects for preschoolers to begin their world of pretend play. An essential skill for language learning and ultimately story-telling, pretend play offers open ended options for imitating a preschooler’s world. Take Graham to pretend school, the grocery store with your plastic food, or cook up a treat at your play kitchen. Doll play offers opportunities to build conversational skills, create story themes, and solve problems. HABA’s colorful, beautifully made dolls are a treat for such play.

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