t300_c37fd8527dd1b2dfd5a0b04e028b0089Dressing Girl Puzzle by BigJigs sparked creativity in our little fashionistas as they designed outfits to be seen at the mall, playground and  school. Available in two different versions, one featuring a boy and the other a girl, each puzzle is built within a main wooden frame stocked with a wardrobe of three different tops, funky bottoms, and two pairs of shoes. Articles of clothing can fit into their appropriate places or combined to clothe the character in the middle of the puzzle. This toy becomes a worthy tool for language learning when a parent or caregiver engages the child at play in conversation, or the child begins to discuss their fashion design. Various dialogues about the puzzles are generated ranging from the types, colors, and patterns of the clothes, and what the characters are going to do in their outfits.  After dressing the girl character in a white skirt with pink and purple stars, a pink blouse, and matching sneakers, my little friend decided, “This is what she wears when she goes to the playground,” and then moved on to design her an outfit that is fit “for a tea party!”

Available at Bigjigs Toys