Gather around for family game night but there is a new participant–the iPad–and it’s adding to the fun! With Duo Pop, players or teams can compete to be the first to answer questions correctly and push their hand-help popper. Kids loved the apps for 6 years and up: “Highlights Countdown” and “Highlights Buzz Blast.” Buzz Blast rotates the 5 games included in last year’s buzzer game with the added fun of technology. Try a tongue twister, fill in a silly sentence, check for differences in two pictures, engage in Brain Play telling “something imaginary or fill in silly sentences like, “I can’t believe the ____ate my____!” Duo Pop games are free from the App Store and include games for older kids and adults too. “Guesstimation” is wildly funny as you estimate such things as “How many peanuts go into a 12 ounce jar of peanut butter? Other players use their popper to guess a number higher or lower than their friend. The real answer is revealed (540). Hang out around the iPad, rotate the screen so everyone can see and be the first to duo pop!

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