The Electric Motors Catalyst by Tinkering Labs is a must-have at home or in the classroom for unleashing creativity, fostering problem-solving, critical thinking, and following directions. It’s for those “big kids” who crave elevated construction in play and work through STEM skills for an incredible result.

The kit includes all necessary tinkering tools from brackets, screws, wing nuts and rubber bands to a chassis, wooden connectors, a whole bunch of wheels, and more. With upgraded quick release wire connectors and battery pack, building opportunities are born. There are 10 challenge cards and an instructional book with step-by-step written and picture directions and additional resources like videos and other Tinkerers’ inventions.

The Electric Motors Catalyst presents with hands-on experience for taking on a challenge, encourages problem solving and motivates kids to get to a productive solution. Our Tinkerers learned to identify obstacles and devise strategies to create their designs. Whether they followed directions or created their own, experimentation was essential. It allowed children to test different configurations of wooden pieces, rubber band securing, and other components. 

Constructing different tinkered objects encouraged children to think critically about how different parts interconnect and contribute to the overall function. It challenged logical reasoning and introduce the concept of cause and effect. As an observing adult, there was a big emphasis on revision. Our tinkerers quickly learned that their initial attempts may not always work perfectly. This encourages them to revisit and revise their creations, promoting resilience and adaptability.

So get tinkering! The Electric Motors Catalyst by Tinkering Labs is a remarkable educational toy that provides a dynamic platform for developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills while simultaneously honing the important abilities of following directions and embracing revision. As children immerse themselves in the world of tinkering and creation, they enrich their cognitive skills but also enjoy a sense of accomplishment and creativity.

Available at Tinkering Labs and Amazon