Seedling is looking out for our littlest shoppers in their new line “Seedling Littles.” Kids 2 and up can join Mom or Dad and visit the Farmers Market during playtime. Grab the little tote of veggies, open it up flat and organize your market. Carrots, apples, bananas, strawberries and tomatoes are pictured in their bins under a striped awning with signs for the fruits and veggies. My little friend placed the stuffed food on the bins and held tight to her felt money. She let me know I could come shopping now so I borrowed a few bills to pay for her high priced carrots, $52.00! We had fun chatting and negotiating while a stuffed bee flew over too. This set offers lots of pretend play in setting up shop, arranging the stand, selling, negotiating money and talking about food preparation. Kids learn language skills through imitating their everyday experiences and my little one had obviously been to the farmer’s market in her town. When it was time to close up shop, she just folded up her shopping tote, with the pretend food , money and bee inside and secured the sides for travel to another pop-up market perhaps at Grandma’s house!

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