PomTree_TGC-0041 Fashion Portfolio_HRGather your little fashionistas and get ready for the runway! This Fashion Portfolio is self-contained fun as little girls opened up their studio, propped it up and started right in assembling their dolls, and hanging up and sorting pants, boots, tops, skirts, mittens, necklaces, hats and scarves to get ready for the show. “Let’s share closets!” my little friend said to me as she removed the reusable stickers and displayed them on the Studio, Closet and Boutique boards. Don’t forget to lay down the runway board for the fashion show. Our dolls were loaded with stickers (I mean accessories!) as they exchanged compliments, “She looks fashion domination!” I heard so much language and story telling as we entered a little girl’s preferred world of fashion. After the show my little friend said, “Come on guys, we can still make it,” and they were off to their next pretend activity.