Find It Games gives us another wonderful search and learn opportunity in their new “Pieces of History Puzzles.” Open the “Parade of Animals” 300 piece puzzle and kids or families can assemble the beautifully illustrated garden scene, rich with animals from around the world. Framed nicely with 40 individual animals to find in the completed scene, this puzzle is perfect for framing as a piece of art. My favorite feature is the Item Key enclosed in each box that gives a short but unique fact about each find-it animal, using challenging vocabulary for young learners– Hedgehogs “curl up into a tight ball of bristling spines,” while Blue Chameleons have “stereoscopic eyes.”  The small bites of learning are just enough for kids to absorb while completing the puzzle. Two other puzzles in the series, “On Dry Ground,” and “Pharaoh’s Egypt” are equally as detailed, informative and fun as kids and adults assemble the crossing of the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s Egypt along the Nile. Again the Item Key  reveals the significance of many items from the Raccoon Butterfly Fish and Scrolls to religious items such as Stone Tablets and Unleavened Bread in the parting of the sea while Pharaoh’s Egypt teaches about objects integral to that life such as Sphinx,  Canopic Jar, or Fennec Fox. Each item supports the significant story in time combining animals, objects, symbols, clothing or weapons.

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