mn1_000435As kids selected their puppets, Slow Loris got a little hug first and then my 10 year-old friend started reading the Facts of Interest.  The big brown round eyes engaged kids as they moved the mouth and arms (ours started dancing). Then the facts came out–it’s the only primate with a venomous bite but its name means “clown” in Dutch. Kids loved discovering the eye-like fur pattern at the back of his head to confuse predators and how their large eyes have special reflective cells to contribute to their superior night vision. What a conservation lesson kids get as they animate this intriguing animal who is becoming endangered. Now let the puppet show begin with a few fascinating facts to shape the story, as this adorable creature alternately went through the forest confusing his predators and was cuddled by kids! Folkmanis puppets in the hands of kids bring creativity and imaginations alive, encouraging storytelling, building important literacy skills.

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