imgresGirls follow the easy to read instructions, adding layer upon layer of creative play fun as they add each brick and accessory. The finished product provides hours of play as Andrea and Isabella mini-doll figures take the slide down into the pool, jump on the movable diving board, play a game of water basketball with the realistic hoop, rest in the hot tub or lounge poolside in their chaises. After all that exercise they are sure to need a snack so they can walk up to one of the side buildings, the snack bar, to order a frosty drink. Check the menu first because you can add a hot dog or ice cream cone to that order and then sit on a stool under the umbrella to get some relief from the sun. A second outbuilding houses the outdoor shower, bathrooms and changing area. So many details including a grill, sound system, drinks, bow, bag and plenty of bugs and flowers make this set perfect for language learning as girls enter into their pretend play at the pool.

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