product4This happy, speckled frog brought smiles to baby’s face as she reached for him and looked at herself in the mirror. His soft, fuzzy, pliable feet were perfect for tasting and getting some sensory information through play. Fun Flex, is a fantastic new company, showcasing a modular system that includes a flexible arm that connects to a clamp on one end and interchangeable infant toys on the other. Promoting “fun toys and accessories for flexible use anywhere, anytime anyway,” they sure impressed our babies and moms. “That’s her favorite,” commented mom after offering different toys to her 6 month-old. Babies talk more to faces and love to interact with mirrors, providing lots of vocal play as they are listening to and learning language. The best infant toys are ones that engage the child and give parents and caregivers plenty to talk about, following their child’s gaze and describing the action. “You’re chewing on the soft, green, polka dotted legs,” or “I see Kelsey looking in the mirror!” Naming body parts and smiles as the child reaches, touches and tastes different parts of the frog all build language skills. I liked the option to bend the connecting piece to change the angle of the frog for a new perspective for baby’s exploration. Mom of course loved the flexibility of clamping this new friend on a stroller, high chair, pack ‘n play or gym mat, for take along fun. A musical flower rattle and crab are also included in the Fun Flex family for changing up the fun and language learning too!

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