What could be better than a Folkmanis puppet? One they design that you can construct! Grab a frog, cat or bunny kit that includes the incredibly soft, plush body, fabric puppet parts and cut-outs, glue, easy instructions and ideas for your puppet show. The sturdy packaging opens up to re-use as your puppet stage, complete with a hole to pop your puppet out, and a background scene to color. Younger kids needed some help cutting out the parts and stuffing the mini-pillows into the bulging eyeballs but that makes for a fun family project. The sturdy mouth opens and shuts for a chatty puppet who has the stage to himself at puppet show time. Kids loved putting the bug on the frog’s tongue so he could talk with it wagging on the end or stick it on his hand to tempt you!  Puppets provide wonderful opportunities for conversation, story-telling and make believe.  Some children will talk more taking on the role of the puppet or get engrossed in dialoguing with a puppet character. These furry friends are a great addition to any family’s theatrical troupe. Let the show begin.