Future Fans is the ultimate football experience for parents and children to bond over a love of storytelling and gameplay. It’s captivating, sparks curiosity and excitement, and sets a foundation for many more memories for future football fans. Moreover, it offers exceptional language development benefits through narratives, sequencing, catchy rhymes, and even more learning opportunities.

The Future Fans experience begins with a story of Connor and Katie who are headed to Camp Rallyhoo. Designed to be read together, future fans and caregivers get wrapped up in the power of a plot as they follow the characters through their experiences. There are 8 “sessions” that take about 10-20 minutes to complete. So it’s a great activity to spread out over a few days.

As you advance in the storybook, future fans get to “unlock” different surprises that correlate with the story! Each surprise reinforces concepts, vocabulary, and dialogue that was included in the book. This cleverly incorporates storytelling with play, which contribute to stronger learning, expanding vocabulary and linguistic capabilities.

The game prompts players to describe scenarios, recap concepts and vocabulary from the book, and encourages dialogue. This builds communication skills, enabling them to understand and express complex ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Future Fans encourages adults to actively participate in storytelling alongside their children. This shared experience fosters a strong emotional connection as both parties contribute to the unfolding narrative. Our 7 and 9 year old future fans were so enthusiastic about the experience and we’re so eager to continue reading, learning and playing.

The Future Fans experience introduces children to football basics, creating an inviting and exciting experience to learn and play with their caregiver. It truly builds a foundational love and understanding of the game through storytelling, gameplay, and catchy rhymes. Investing in Future Fans means investing in fun-filled play experience, that lasts for days (!!) and investing in meaningful connections through the love of football.

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