Who knew a mouse and a lion could be such good buddies but this mouse is one brave guy, riding on his buddy’s back. This duo uses VTech’s Smart Gear™ technology where a child can place the mouse on the Purple Smart Pole to hear little stories, rhymes and songs told by the lion. He tells about how even though he and mouse are different, they are best friends,  introducing some early opposites–small/big and quiet/loud. Kids pick up vocabulary related to animals, through songs and stories, “Lions live in prides, lions live outside,” and little sentences, “Mice have whiskers, how cool.” Kids build listening skills as they sing along as songs get familiar, hear stories and follow directions, “Spin the handle gear to make the melody go faster.” This lion on wheels is packed with potential language learning as kids turn gears, push the button and pop the mouse on the lion to activate stories, responses, rhymes and songs to invite them to join in.

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