I will admit it looked daunting to assemble 60 cardboard blocks but once I got the hang of it they went fast. The creative design allows the bricks to lock in place so kids can freely design their castle, fort, stove or dinosaur. My little friend walked right up to the pile of blocks and said, “I’;m going to make a dinosaur.” She locked the pieces together, through some trial and error and got the 2 sections of body and legs and said, “I need a bridge.” She was right. She needed to bridge the 2 parts together so she connected them. We got out our paper and markers so she could draw a tail and eyes for her declared “Brontosaurus Rex” which was indeed her own creation. These blocks provide lots of opportunities for language learning as kids talk through their design and building process, create props for pretend play and build their stories and conversations preparing for later reading and writing.

Available at Mindware. Click here