Go! Go! Smart Animals Furry Animals AssortmentLook who showed up to play in the Go! Go! Smart Animals play sets or just by themselves. These furry interactive pets delighted kids, as their voices started up when pressing the light-up button on top of the heads. Robert, the remarkable rabbit, gives little sound bites that teach kids vocabulary,”My fur is thick and soft,” and encourages them to talk to him, while giving facts, “When I hear a sound my ears pick up and my nose goes down,” sings songs and teaches kids his beginning letter R. My little friend loved pushing our furry pals on wheels across the floor while listening to their chat. Debbie the darling dog, Dawn the beautiful dog, and Caroline the charming cat, respond to SmartPoint locations on VTech’s play sets. The textured furry animals are a fun addition to the characters that come with the sets, giving kids an added sensory experience, with their plush bodies, as well as language stimulation with their sounds, facts and letter learning.

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