In over 35 years of work with kids doing speech therapy, I found plenty of kids who bonded with vehicles more than play animals or dolls. Seeing a favorite truck in the crib with a sleeping toddler told me who was a special friend! VTech’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels are hot with toddlers and preschoolers as they are a perfect size for little hands to grab and take along on adventures. Kids are fascinated to hear letters and associated words,  3 sing-along sounds to teach content and rhyming and plenty of little sentences about the vehicle. Peter the Polite Police Car tells us  “Always be safe.” “Let’s go on a patrol.” “P is for police car.” Songs relate to the vehicle’s theme helping someone with a flat tire, be safe on the road, or follow the rules of the road. Tanner the pick-up truck goes on adventures with his friends, tells us “T is for truck,” and can carry just about anything in his truck bed. “H is for  Harvey the helicopter,” flying high in the sky, participating in  search and rescue, and helping others. Kids push, or fly these vehicles as they create their own stories in pretend play but also stop along the way to push the lit button to grab a little learning!

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